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What are the requirements to use your services?

Overnight Stay 

Male dogs over 30lb must be nurtured.

Pet parents and fur doggie meet and greet Required.

  • Service contract and Liability Form 

  • All cats and dogs must be in good health and free from communicable diseases, illnesses, and parasites. 

  • Copy of vaccination records

  1. Dogs Vaccines- DHLPP * Rabies * Bordetella​

  2. Cats Vaccines-   Rabies  *  FVRCP 

  3. Pocket Pets/Exotic- Good Health Certificate from vet and Rabies (if applicable)

  4. Payment in Full when we receive your pet. 

  5. If you OPT out of purchasing in house food. We need their food

  • Male Cats must be neutered (fixed)

  • Age 4months and Older

  • Friendly Pets ONLY!

Is Cal's Alaskan Pet Resort Insured?

Yes, we are licensed and insured. We are also accredited in the Better Business Bureau

and members of Pet Sitters International. 

What is your Rate and Service?

Services: Grooming, Pet in home service, Pet taxi, Daycare and Boarding services.

Our rates vary depending on your needs, location and number of pets.  Pet Taxi is provided within 20mile radius from our location (yes 20miles radius. We have picked up boarding clients from Dania Beach, Miami beach and Coconut Grove area.).

You can receive a quote by via reservation, text and or call us for any inquires or personal service. 


Do you send pet updates?

Yes, we provide photos & Videos of your pet(s). If you have Instagram/Facebook, it's even better because you can check when you are available. You will receive a full report via email and sometimes text message at the end or the beginning of their day as it depends on the time of drop off.


Please note we observe federal holidays for boarding, so you will receive a full update before/after the holiday since it is our busiest time. Pet grooming and daycare are closed on federal holidays. Dog walking/Home-Visits you will receive updates when we arrive on the days and times we agreed on.    


What To Pack?

*If not purchasing in house food. We need Pets' food packed in either original bag or in a large Ziplock bag with name label and portion written on bag. 

*A T-shirt of their pet parent for smooth transition in their new environment.

What are your services hours of operation?

Hours of Operation 

Monday-Saturday : 8am-8pm

Sunday: 10am-12pm


Check-in times

Monday-Saturday: 8am-8pm

Sunday: 10am-12pm

Check-out times

Late Checkout on Monday- Saturday 3pm

Small Fee after checkout time


Sunday 12pm 

Closed after 12pm

No on holiday's and before or after hours of operation pick up/drop off for taxi and boarding services. 

Ex: No pick up/drop off on July 4th Independent Day. Must Check-in/out the day before or after. No Check-in/out before 8am or after 8pm Monday- Saturday

No Check in/out before 10am or after 12pm Sundays

Dog Daycare

Half Day- 4 hours

Full Day - 8am-6:30pm

we accept occasional weekends please call for availability.

Small additional fee for Daycare on weekends

Home Visits/Dog Walking 

Monday-Sunday 8am-7pm

Services depends on length, number of pets and tasks per visit. Part of each service provides replenish of water, cleaning of accidents, watering plants, GPS tracking with follow up report with video and pictures. 

​Do you have a dog breed and age restriction? 

 Male dogs weigh more than 30lb must be fixed along with male cats. Canines must be dog and human friendly. We accept elderly and special need pet.


What if my pet is on a special diet? 

Your vet or pet nutritionist may have advised you to keep feeding certain foods. You are welcome to bring their food or use our in house kibble for a small fee.  Raw food should be portioned per serving in a clear zip lock bag. Label each bag with Pets Name and Serving Amount (ex: ½ cup). You do

not need to put a date or time on the bag. Provide enough cans and/or prepare enough bags to cover each meal during their stay.

We also provide premium food 2 times a day for a small fee.

What if my pet need medication? 

We can administer oral and tropical medication. The medication has to be in the original labeled container from a vet. We do not offer injections at this time.

How To Pay? 

Deposit is needed to reserve your pet(s) spot & Payment is due upon drop off. We accept

Credit Card and Zelle payments, and if  necessary, Cash is accepted. Please ensure you bring exact change, as I do not carry cash on the premises. 


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