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Dogs in November: The Season of Gratitude and Giving Back

The season of gratitude and giving back is a heartwarming reminder of the special bond between humans and their canine companions. As autumn leaves fall, dog owners find comfort in the loyalty and unconditional love their pets provide. This season also encourages the act of giving back, with many animal shelters and rescue organizations in need of support. It's an ideal time to reflect on the gratitude we feel for our four-legged friends and consider how we can contribute to the welfare of dogs less fortunate.

Here at Cal's, we shared our gratitude by joining a foster parent's program for a day by providing a fun day to a dog waiting for their forever home.

Getting ready to meet our fur baby for a day.
Abe and I Fostering A Dog For A Day.
two adoption dogs sniffing one another
Two Dogs Up for Adoption

A clean dog looking for a forever home.
Dog bath and blow dry

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