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Cat Zone

Cat boarding accommodations feature spacious three-tiered suites.

Starting Price $30
Cat Play Scratching Post
Cat Room Boarding
Cat sleeping area (boarding)

Dog Zone

Our free-roaming dog care services includes a dedicated shared play area and room where you doggie can relax and have fun in a cozy environment. 

Starting Price $40
dog boarding, North Miami Beach, FL
Dog free roaming boarding. dogs in a comfortable and spacious enviornment
dogs are joyfully playing with water, splashing around in a playful and lively manner with care taker

Pet Home Visit

Our pet home visits ensure that your beloved companions receive personalized care and attention in the comfort of their own environment.  

Starting Price $39

A personalized one on one dogwalking service, where a dedicated dog ealkeris attentively guiding a single canine companion on a leisurely walk
home visit service for a bird in a cage, where a caretake is ensuring the feathered friend;s well being. checking on its enviornement and attenting to all his needs
home visit, Miami Florida

Pet Daycare & Little Critter / Pocket Pet Care

Our dog daycare and small pet boarding provide safe, nurturing spaces for your pets to play and relax

Starting Price $20
Two dogs happily seated in a pet taxi, enjoying a safe and comfortable journey with a pet transortation service
sick chicken receiving compassionate boarding care, with his dedicated caregiver providing special attention.

Pet Grooming and Pet Tax

Price varies
We provide full grooming for cats, dog baths, and taxi services for your convenience.
(no dog haircuts)
photo portrays a senior dog enjoying a gentle bath, receiving tender care and attention during grooming session
Cat before and after professional lion cut grooming session
dog with a fresh groom, ready to go home with satisfied taxi driver
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