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Services & Gallery

Cat Zone

Cat Play Scratching Post
Cat Room Boarding
Cat sleeping area (boarding)

Dog Zone

Dog free roaming boarding. dogs in a comfortable and spacious enviornment
dogs are joyfully playing with water, splashing around in a playful and lively manner with care taker

Dog Walking/Home Visit

A personalized one on one dogwalking service, where a dedicated dog ealkeris attentively guiding a single canine companion on a leisurely walk
home visit service for a bird in a cage, where a caretake is ensuring the feathered friend;s well being. checking on its enviornement and attenting to all his needs

Pet Daycare & Small Pet Boarding

Two dogs happily seated in a pet taxi, enjoying a safe and comfortable journey with a pet transortation service
sick chicken receiving compassionate boarding care, with his dedicated caregiver providing special attention.

Pet Grooming and Pet Tax

photo portrays a senior dog enjoying a gentle bath, receiving tender care and attention during grooming session
Cat before and after professional lion cut grooming session
dog with a fresh groom, ready to go home with satisfied taxi driver
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